Clean_Sweep_for_site.jpgIt's everywhere we can see as well as in potentially catastrophic quantities where we can't see, beneath the ocean surface; infiltrating marine life and all species as it works its way through the food chain.

Since I began photographing the series, "Beachtrash" fifteen years ago, while walking across the backshore dunes of Provincetown,  there has been an alarming increase in the amount of pollution along the shoreline of this "protected" area.  Could this second onslaught of environmental abuse have unintended consequences that go far beyond the first, this little known history of early settlers clearing every single tree there, for their own use, that ultimately created the dunes? 
From the series, "Idyllic Landscape; Photographs of Provincetown's Backshore"  above two images, taken only steps apart. 
* Diptych title- "Clean Sweep"