On the outer Cape near Provincetown is an area known as the "backshore".  One might be surprised to learn the    history of the exquisite dunes found there, while trekking across them to reach the ocean.  Deceptively looking "all   natural" the dunes are the result of an early environmental abuse; that of settlers in the 1700's cutting down the forest then found there.  Without roots to hold the soil in place, the relentless outer Cape winds created the dunes.  

Traversing the dunes today to reach the water's edge, one is greeted a sight of stunning beauty, now marred by plastic litter of all sizes and descriptions.  There will be no clean sweep this time as there was to cover the tracks of the greedy deforestation done over two hundred years ago.  Plastic's inability to biodegrade suggests a dark, ugly and potentially life-threatening outcome.  This series of photographs, a combination of several bodies of work, seeks to reveal different views of an area that is "environmentally protected" and to provoke questions about the consequences of our present day mistakes.