I am often asked what I took away from my experience of living in one of the historic artist shacks found on the outermost tip of Cape Cod.  When offered such an opportunity, one is supposed to use the peace, quiet and solitude to do their best creative work.  Surrounded by such stunning land and seascapes, I assumed I would make many memorable photographs.

Such romantic notions ended up being far from the reality being an artist-in-residence given such a rare opportunity. 

Instead, I had no choice but to confront many ideas about the creative process that turned out to be counterproductive.  I found a way to work with what I was given rather than what I had hoped to find.

Things gradually fell into place, became ordered, reordered.

Once I let go of foolish ideals I had believed in since going to art school, then the magic of being out on the dunes started to happen.  To this day this experience continues to inform as well as inspire my work.